Eric Ryan Services

We provide a customizable three-phase strategic planning program.

Phase One: Organizational Assessment
The foundation of all that we’ll do together, we’ll evaluate your organization’s unique situation by conducting interviews, online assessments, and a review of past strategic plans and/or other organizational documents. We’ll provide a brief report regarding what we learned, including suggestions for moving forward.

Phase Two: A Facilitated Retreat
We’ll facilitate a highly productive retreat to get everybody’s input in the creation of your strategic plan. Eric has facilitated hundreds of planning sessions throughout his career.

Phase Three: A System for Executing Your Plan
Perhaps the most important part of the entire process is helping you put a system in place to ensure that your plan is executed. It’s the area where most strategic planning fails miserably. And it’s our specialty.

We’ll help you:
• Document your plan in our simple-to-use proprietary software.
• Create a set of goal action plans.
• Clarify your strategic planning meeting system, including calendar.
• Specify who does what in your process.

And, depending upon your needs and budget, we’ll continue to partner with you after the retreat to ensure that your system for executing your plan takes root.



1. We Focus Exclusively on Strategic Planning
The exclusive focus of our work is strategic planning for small nonprofits. We aren’t distracted by providing a variety of other services. This has allowed us to get very good at crafting catalytic strategic planning solutions designed specifically for the needs of small organizations.

2. Our Strategic Planning and Board Portal Software
We have created a very simple but effective strategic planning software program specifically for small nonprofits. This helps our clients document and track progress on their planning efforts. Further, the software also serves as a portal for a board’s key meeting documents and policies.

3. Strong Bias on Execution
The place where strategic planning typically falls apart is in the execution phase. Even well-crafted plans tend to collect dust. With that in mind, we’ll help you determine – from the outset – how you and your team are going to execute a system that ensures that your plan is used over the long haul.

4. Relevant, Practical, and Simple Solutions
This is a corollary of #3. We focus on providing simple, relevant, and practical solutions to significantly strengthen the odds that you’ll succeed in your planning process.

5. Flexible Payments
If needed, we’ll provide you with a flexible payment schedule to address your cash flow needs.

6. No-Risk Guarantee
If you’re not satisfied then you don’t pay.